5 Unused Spider-Man Villains We Want In The MCU


The likes of the Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Venom, Sandman, Lizard, Electro and Kingpin have already been depicted on film (albeit in a Daredevil movie in the latter's case - and he is already a part of the MCU in the Man Without Fear's Netflix show), so the MCU must adapt some different Spidey villains for the purposes of making this version totally unique.

That's not to say some villains shouldn't be repeated, but we definitely need to see some new ones as well and this article will list five great ideas in that regard.


Morbius the Living Vampire Morbius the Living Vampire

Morbius AKA Morbius the Living Vampire (first appearance 1971) is a very cool character who it would be great to see in a Spider-Man movie. Although he is described as being a vampire, he's actually a "pseudo-vampire" whose powers were gained via electrical shock treatment and chemical ingestion (rather than a supernatural character).

Prior to the transformation, he was known as Michael Morbius - a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist, meaning he has the brains to match his brawn and, as a result, represents a serious threat to Spider-Man on more than one level.

His powers include super-strength, flight, accelerated healing and hypnotism, but he doesn't have all the powers of a traditional vampire. He does, however, possess their weakness to sunlight (albeit on a lesser scale).

He's every bit capable of matching Spider-Man in a physical fight and it really is about time he was seen in a movie - after all, he was meant to be the villain in the first Blade sequel, having appeared in an alternate ending staring at the titular character from a rooftop way back in the first instalment in 1998 (and his appearance in the MCU could trigger Blade's appearance in future, which would be awesome).