10 Upcoming Superhero Movies I’m Most Excited For

Source: screenrant.com

8. New Mutants

As someone who is a moderate fan of FOX’s X-Men movies, there is one I’m curiously optimistic about.

The New Mutants were a crew of young mutant heroes being educated at the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, where they saved the world and dealt with teen angst and interpersonal drama. The thing that pumps me up about this one is that they handed the reigns to the guy behind The Fault in Our Stars. While I have yet to see that (although I am an admitted John Green supporter), putting the team behind a teen romance flick on an X-Men movie is frigging brilliant.

The X-Men have always been equal parts action series and melodrama, and playing up the latter could be a real breath of fresh air. And after stale entries like last summer’s X-Men: Apocalypse, something new might be exactly what we need.

I could have said “X-actly” but I didn’t, because I like all of you and don’t want to subject you to such horrible puns. So you are welcome.

Source: comingsoon.net

7. Ant-Man and Wasp

2015’s Ant-Man is one of Marvel’s most underrated movies. It’s charming and funny and well cast, and a great blend of heist movie and superhero blockbuster.

Plus, Paul Rudd is Paul Rudd and if you don’t like Paul Rudd, you can leave right now. And so hearing that the team from the first one is back to bring us a double bill alongside the brand new Wasp? That gets me hyped.

A buddy superhero movie sounds awesome, and with Wasp as the badass counterpart to Scott Lang’s bumbling tomfoolery, I am more than in for what promises to be a rollicking adventurous fun time. And with maybe some more Pym and a classic Ant-Man foe like Crossfire or…um…Egghead? Maybe?

Look, there aren’t a lot of Ant-Man villains, ok? There’re maybe four solid ones, and they've already used up the first two (Darren Cross and Ultron). They will find somebody. They’re good at making movies; I trust their judgment.