10 Movies Based On Comics To Rival Infinity War In Scale

Secret Wars

Secret Wars. Source: Marvel Comics Secret Wars. Source: Marvel Comics

There are actually two Marvel comic book stories called Secret Wars - one from 1984-85 and one from 2015 - and they have similar themes, but for the purposes of clarification, we'll be referring to the 2015 version here.

It's an epic event in which various Marvel universes - including the classic 616 universe and the Ultimate universe - collide to form one big patchwork world called Battleworld, where various versions of the same Marvel character can exist at the same time.

The reason for this strange mish-mash of worlds is that every universe in Marvel's multiverse is in danger of being destroyed, and the only way to save them is to combine them into one. It results in a totally unique story, in which Doctor Doom is revealed as the orchestrator and God Emperor of Battleworld. It would make one wicked (but, frankly, probably impossible) movie.