10 Entry Level Comics to Give to New Readers

Hey there, folks. Do you have someone in your life who wants to read comics, but he or she doesn’t know where to start? Someone who just needs an entry point into this wide world of comicdom? Well, you've come to the right place. A lot of people make the mistake of just handing others their own favorite comics, which is usually a bad idea. It doesn’t matter how good you think Kick-Ass 2 is; your friend probably doesn’t exactly share your taste. Along the same lines, while something like Crisis of Infinite Earths is good, it shouldn't be anyone's first comic. You want something that's accessible to everyone. Oh, and also, don’t try to make people get into comics unless they tell you they want to get into comics.

Source: afterellen.com

10. Queen and Country

For: Your Friend Who Loves Spy Novels

We all have that friend or family member who burns through Tom Clancy novels like a house on fire. Usually an uncle.

Well, when he comes knocking at your door looking for a comic to get engaged in, hand ‘im a copy of the Queen and Country definitive edition. Q & C is Greg Rucka’s masterwork, done with numerous artists over the course of the series. The story follows the S.I.S., the British spy department that no James Bond movie ever covered.

The book is really half ensemble piece and half two-hander. Yes, it's about the entire Operations department, but it’s more specifically about Director of Operations (D-Ops) Paul Crocker and Agent Tara Chace, who starts the series as Minder 2. Each arc covers a mission, and each arc plays out like the best spy thriller.

In addition, Rucka has also written three Queen and Country novels that take place at various points in the series. These puppies are no airport reads.