10 Bloodthirsty Vampires in Comics

LOOK, I CAME UP WITH A BUNCH OF HALLOWEEN LISTS AND I’M GONNA POST THEM. I know Halloween is over, and has been for a little while, but I don’t care. October isn’t the only month where spooky spooky ghost times are allowed. So we’re gonna talk about the vampiric blood suckers of comics. The vicious blood drinking fangfaces themselves. Is fangfaces a thing? Because if not, let’s make that a thing. So here we go, ten of the best fangfaces in comics. Eat some garlic, hang a cross on your wall, and turn on all the running water in your house, because the entries on this list most certainly bite. WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS INBOUND FOR ASTRO CITY . Normally I wouldn’t warn you this early, but it’s worth not knowing if you haven’t had it spoiled for you.

Source: comicvine.gamespot.com

10. Zechariah

(Astounding Wolfman)

Robert Kirkman’s Astounding Wolfman is one of his most underrated comics. The story of Gary Hampton, CEO turned werewolf superhero, is one of violence and fun and tragedy.

After being mauled by a wolf, Gary begins his horrible transformation into a monster of the night. But he isn’t alone in his quest. A mysterious stranger named Zechariah appears and says that he can help. Turns out that Zechariah is a vampire who has been around for decades, and he wants only to help Gary be the best that he can.

Except that maybe that isn’t actually the case. Zechariah may have helped train Gary to become a superhero, but he also kinda - SPOILERS - murders Gary’s wife and frames Gary for it. Oh and he begins training Gary’s daughter to kill him. I guess he’s kind of a huge jerk then, huh. But as a major villain for a great little series, Zechy sure works well.

Total jerk, great villain.