Suicide Squad SDCC Footage – All The Drama!

Update - The SDCC first look trailer of Suicide Squad has been officially launched! Check out the trailer at the end part of the post!

If you don’t know it yet, a breathtaking footage from the third installment of the DC Cinematic UniverseSuicide Squad – was shown at Hall H of San Diego Comic-Con International this Saturday and it got leaked online! The arrival of the footage at SDCC surprised us not only for its awesomeness, but also for the fact that they haven’t wrapped up filming yet.

Meanwhile, Warner Bros are shocked because they didn’t expect this footage to get leaked! After all those leaks from the set of the movie, they should have expected that! I will get to that later in this post. But is the footage still available on web? I think it’s not because even though I could watch it initially, now it seems that all the multiple sources that published the footage have removed it.

Sorry That's what you get to see now!

I wish I could share the video, because it’s truly something beyond expectations, simply stupendous! Everyone seems first-rate but Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn and Jared Leto’s The Joker are a treat to watch! I can offer you a description of the entire three-minute-long footage. However, that’s not all that you get here – there’s an official response from Warner Bros on the footage leak and a new logo for Suicide Squad to follow too! So, let’s get start!

Hit 2 to learn in details about the Suicide Squad SDCC footage!