Spider-Man: Homecoming – Daily Bugle Confirmed

The Thor: Ragnarok trailer is the most viewed Disney/Marvel trailer of all time, with 136 million views in 24 hours. With that established, it’s time to check out what’s happening with another anticipated 2017 MCU release. And that movie is, of course, Spider-Man: Homecoming, which also released a full trailer a couple of weeks ago.

Some might say that the trailer spoiled all of the movie's key points, since it features at least two big action pieces. However, it's usually the smaller details that matter. From that point of view, we know basically nothing about Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Ned and Peter (Marvel)

However, the most recent Japanese Spider-Man: Homecoming event saw the release of new footage. Props were also displayed, revealing something that slipped everybody’s mind after the last trailer's release.

It's now confirmed that The Daily Bugle does have a place in the MCU, even though it hasn’t been mentioned in any of the previous movies (which is understandable, given the previous owner of the rights to Spider-Man). There are quite a few pics online that reveal the Daily Bugle's views on Spider-Man (or on superheroes in general).


Of course, at this point, we don’t know what role the newspaper will have in the flick, but we can assume its direction. Can we hope that a new J. J. Jameson will appear in the sequel? Of course we can, and quite a few fans have already made up their minds about who should portray this character (either Hugh Laurie or Tom Hanks).

Oscorp is another huge company that hasn’t been featured in the MCU, but it could pop up as soon as Homecoming is released. We know that the Green Goblin won’t appear anytime soon in the MCU, but that doesn’t mean that the seeds for an appearance can't be planted in 2017 (no matter how far down the line it happens).