15 Upcoming Superhero Movies I’m Most Excited For

Wonder Woman (2017)Gal Gadot

                                                       Source: comicbook.com

15. Wonder Woman

Okay, so Wonder Woman was FAR AND AWAY my favorite part of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, so seeing her get her own movie has me more than a little excited.

Patty Jenkins proved herself to me as an Arrested Development director, so I’m super psyched to see what she does with the amazing Amazon. Plus, come on, who doesn’t like Chris Pine? He’s so charming and lovable. Of course, he’ll be fun. Again, I go into every DCEU movie hoping I’ll love it. But this time, there’s a much better chance I actually will. And also, World War One is a great setting, especially if we’re showing how Diana became disillusioned with Man.

Because World War One is pretty goshdarn disillusioning. And we don’t get a ton of World War One movies, and NO World War One superhero movies.

The sequel may be well trod, but the good ol’ great war is fresh ground to be broken.