Final Wonder Woman Trailer Released

As expected, with the June 2 release date for Wonder Woman closing in, Warner Bros. has mounted a final promotional push with the fourth and final trailer. Titled Rise of the Warrior, it's as perfectly cut as the previous trailers, smoothly mixing action sequences with comedic moments (Let’s go to war). It also continues the exploration of Diana Prince’s background and reveals that her mother taught her to distrust the world of Man.

Steve Trevor's arrival convinces the young princess to embark on a mission to stop the war before it's too late; that is, before it becomes perpetual, as he puts it. We also get to see how Diana steals the Lasso of Truth, the God Killer Sword, and her shield.

Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.)

Don’t worry...Unlike previous DCEU movies, the final trailer for Wonder Woman avoids revealing too much. It's free of any Ares spoilers. So enjoy!

We feel that Rise of the Warrior, with its focus on Diana's path to warrior-hood, is the best Wonder Woman trailer. Given the title, we understand why it contains more action sequences - as opposed to comedic moments (which exist nonetheless) or symbolism - than previous trailers did.

Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.)

We hope that Patty Jenkins will deliver the first critically acclaimed DC Extended Universe film. Critics reacted positively to an initial Wonder Woman screening, so it just might happen. Fans have also greeted the promotional materials with great enthusiasm. We can hardly wait for that June 2 release date!