Wonder Woman Director “Cared a Lot” about Avoiding an R Rating!

Wonder Woman isn’t Hollywood's first female superhero movie, but it's safe to say that unlike its predecessors - Supergirl (1984), Catwoman (2004), and Elektra (2005) - this movie has managed to earn overwhelming love from the critics. With its Rotten Tomatoes approval rating currently standing at 96%, the upcoming June 2, 2017 release looks good enough to change the general negative outlook on female superhero movies and the DC Extended Universe in general.

Of course, no matter how great a movie is, it's always going to face some sort of criticism. In this case, some are complaining about the movie's MPAA rating. Despite the fact that the character has never been as dark as other comic book characters, they believe that, because of its World War I setting, Wonder Woman should have followed in the footsteps of Deadpool and Logan and sought out an R rating. The reasoning is that a movie about a war that left over 17 million dead and 20 million wounded shouldn’t be limited by a PG-13 rating.

While Monster, Patty Jenkins' only movie prior to Wonder Woman, was rated R, the director had decided to go for a PG-13 rating for Wonder Woman right from the start. She has no problem with R-rated superhero movies, but she recently told CinemaBlend that she avoided going the route of Tim Miller and James Mangold for a very specific reason:

I cared a lot about it never being an R-rating. And I totally support the movies that do have an R-rating, but in this case, I was very aware that little girls were going to want to see the film, and I was very protective of that. So it had to not be Rated R to me. I would have been happy to go for PG, but it's World War I, so we couldn't!

Patty Jenkins doesn't actually have a reason to regret about Wonder Woman rating! Patty Jenkins has no reason to regret Wonder Woman's rating! (GIF via Giphy)

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