What Zemo Could Have Looked Like in Civil War

Marvel artist Andy Park frequently shares concept art from the MCU on social media. Yesterday he shared a painting from Captain America: Civil War featuring a look at Baron Zemo that more closely resembles his appearance in Marvel comics.

In Civil War, Zemo is played by Daniel Brühl, but he's never seen wearing the character's traditional costume. Zemo is ultimately responsible for driving the Avengers apart as they split into Team Cap and Team Iron Man—he manipulates things behind the scenes and is the driving force behind Bucky Barnes' role as a "villain".



Park's concept art features Zemo's classic look, complete with a purple balaclava and a menacing sword. It would have been entertaining to see this version of the character brought to life on the big screen, but Zemo's identity as a behind-the-scenes villain didn't allow for such an obvious costume.

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