R-Rated Animated Watchmen Adaptation from Warner Bros.

Zack Snyder directed his first comic book movie in 2009. Watchmen proved to be a very faithful adaptation of the original source, except for the ending. Like other Snyder-directed comic book movies, Watchmen ended up being a divisive flick, but we feel that it's one of the director’s best movies to date.

When rumors about a Watchmen TV series popped up online last year, we were actually pleasantly surprised that it would be an HBO-produced show. With series such as Game of Thrones and Westworld, the media giant would have been the perfect home for the beloved graphic novel.

But the most recent reports say that Warner Bros. has something else in mind for this property. According to Comic Book Movie, the studio is planning an even more faithful adaptation of the novel in the form of an animated movie. This makes sense, given the DC Comics Rebirth event. Adapting Watchmen as an animation would update the DC Original Animated Movie Universe with the most recent elements from the comics.


Of course, we expect Watchmen to be adapted in the same way The Killing Joke was, and not just from the ratings point of view. But maybe this is for the best, as it might open a new window of opportunity for more Watchmen stories to be adapted further down the line.

This is great news, even though recent DC animated movies don’t hold a candle to the first ones. Maybe Watchmen will change all that.

We still believe that an HBO show based on these characters would have been even better.