Warner Bros Wanted Tom Cruise for Hal Jordan

Tom Cruise is, without a doubt, one of the biggest movie stars of all times. The actor, who has been nominated to 3 Academy Wards until now, recently said that he wouldn’t say no to a role in a superhero flick.

Asked whether Mission Impossible: Fallout co-star Henry Cavill co-opted him for a superhero role, the actor said that there was no time for that. However, Tom Cruise did say afterwards that he’d do one, if the role is an interesting one.

Tom Cuise in Mission Impossible: Fallout (IMDB)

And, according to several reports (cited by websites such as CBM and Comic Book), the actor was very close to signing with Warner Bros. Last spring, the studio approached him for the role of Hal Jordan. According to reports, Cruise was the main contender for the role.

However, he declined this opportunity. And that is because at the end of the movie his character was supposed to die.

Of course, signing Tom Cruise in a major Worlds of DC role would have been a great move for Warner Bros. And that especially given the recent track of the actor. But what is more important about these reports is the reason why Cruise passed on the role.

Hal Jordan is the most well-known Green Lantern. Killing him in his first outing in this shared universe would have been a huge surprise. And that especially if an actor of Tom Cruise’s calibre portrayed him.

But then again the Green Lantern Corps movie is moving nowhere fast. The movie is still scheduled to be released sometime in 2020. However, no director has been attached to the project. Given the major changes made to the shared universe in the past years, it is doubtful that the movie will come out.

Hal Jordan (DC Comics)

But what do you think? Could Tom Cruise handle the role of Hal Jordan?