Villains for the Perfect DC Movies

Until now, we know for certain that Lex Luthor will be one of the villains of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. But this is just one of the movies which were announced to be released until 2020 by Warner Bros and DC. What about the other movies? What characters should test the other superheroes that will appear in the future movies?

We cannot say anything about the Suicide Squad, since basically all of the characters are traditional villains. But Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and Green Lantern are all going to arrive (Shazam will fight Black Adam for certain) and they all need someone to prove their worth.

Villains for

Wonder Woman

Circe Circe

As one scoop said when we have heard about this movie, Wonder Woman will be set in the 1920’s and will see Themyscira divided in two between two warring faction. While Ares will always be a great villain for the Amazonian, we believe that Circe is the best character to introduce the Amazonian Princess to us.

Circe is one of the villains that possess both physical strength as well magical knowledge: as beautiful and as skilled in a fight as other Amazonians, she can also alter reality (play with the enemy’s mind), fire energy blasts, teleport and transform other people into animals (as in turning men into pigs).

The Flash

Mirror Master of the New 52 Mirror Master of the New 52

We know that Captain Boomerang will be in Suicide Squad – but among all the villains in Flash’s rogue gallery, he shouldn’t be the one to introduce the character in his own solo movie. Instead, we believe that Mirror Master would be far better for this job.

Not only does this villain has an awesome power with which he could actually pose a threat to the Flash, but he also has the backstory which would make him more appealing to the audiences. And then, when the second movie will arrive, we could talk about other villains, such as Reverse Flash, Grodd or Grundy.


Aquaman vs. Orm Aquaman vs. Orm

While this is just a rumor, we may already have one of the perfect villains for the Aquaman movie – Orm is one of the best villains with which Aquaman had to fight and is rumored to be played by Karl Urban. We can definitely see this character portrayed by this actor corrupting Atlantis and playing all the Atlanteans one against each other.


Cyborg Cyborg

While Cyborg has faced quite a few villains until now since his introduction in the Justice League, the villains he has faced weren’t exactly his own (borrowed from Batman and others). However, we believe we have the right foe for him, that could put a twist in his origin story: Technis is a techno-organic race with a kind of a tragic story and which has to find their own solo again.

However, one of the members of this race (Zavior) will go rogue and will try to take over the Earth – not before sapping all the energy inside of Cyborg.

Green Lantern

Sinestro Sinestro

Sure Parallax is a great villain – but there is a bit of aftertaste after we saw DC’s first attempt of bringing the awesome universe of the Green Lanterns on screen for the first time. So maybe, just maybe, we need another type of villain for the character.

And Sinestro (who, by all means, could be played by Mark Strong as in the first movie) is one of the villains that could make a career in the DCMU. With intimate knowledge of how the Green Lantern Corps works, he will definitely be a threat to be tackled with at some point.