Venom And Carnage: Soon To Be Reintroduced In The Spider-Man Franchise?

Reputed enemies of Spider-Man, Venom and Carnage are likely to return to the big screens in the near future. Speculations about a comeback of such proportions started to pile up a while ago.

Now, the recent “Sony hack” revealed details that allow us to speak more confidently about the return of Spidey’s dreaded antagonists. The buzz around the leaked emails to and from the higher-ups of Sony mainly focused on the company’s prospect of sitting with Marvel and discuss the future of the acclaimed webslinger. The slate is in dire need of a facelift, so choosing Marvel for the job surely makes a lot of sense.

Venom and Carnage – around the corner...


Amy Pascal, chief at Sony Pictures Entertainment, informs Michael De Luca, Columbia Pictures president of production, that Matt Tolmach would very much like to see Venom and Carnage in a future Spider-Man reboot.

The producer of The Amazing Spider-Man believes, however, that Venom is not such a strong character to make a standalone appearance, but the villain could definitely be worked out into The Sinister Six movie as the common enemy figure.

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