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Thor: Ragnarok (3 November 2017)

Hela (Movie Pilot) Hela (Movie Pilot)

After Spider-Man was announced in the MCU, Thor: Ragnarok was pushed back. So there is this downside… However, Taika Waititi is directing – which is also great and gets our hopes higher! If you’ve seen the first trailer (which became Disney’s most viewed trailer in its first 24 hours of all time), you know why!

In any way, this superhero movie will mean the end of Asgard, since Thanos will most likely retrieve the Tesseract from here. Even if it wasn’t him, Ragnarok will still have come as a fitting end to the Thor franchise, since this is a cyclical event in the comics.

Obviously, Loki returns and we don’t know what he’s up to – is he finally joining Thor against the enemies of Asgard? Is he having his own secret plans, just like always? It remains to be seen. This will also mark the introduction of Hela (Cate Blanchett) into the MCU, who is rumored to be the counterpart of Death from the comics. Karl Urban portrays Skurge, while we are almost certain that Surtur has also been teased in the trailer.

Lastly, Hulk is in it! Thor: Ragnarok will also adapt, in part, the Planet Hulk storyline, with the Jade Giant having been transported to the planet of Grandmaster (Jeff Goldblum). So this will be interesting, after the two heroes have skipped the Civil War.

Odin will be back. As the rumors said, he was banished on Earth by Loki – pictures on the New York set show Anthony Hopkins enjoying playing a hobo.

Doctor Strange will also cameo – although we have no idea to what end. Hopefully, he is the one who saw Hulk as a threat to Earth and banished him on Sakaar, thus opening the possibility of a World War Hulk adaptation.