Top Ten Marvel Comics Characters/Teams You'll Never See in the MCU - I Would Bet Money on It!

Look, Marvel is going to keep making movies until the sun burns out, and they're also going to find a way to fit every single possible character into one of those movies. As someone who will probably love every single one of those movies, I feel assured that I can pin down at least ten characters they’ll never add. Not in a million years. I f***ing dare them. You hear me, Marvel? I dare you to find a way to do anything with any of these characters.


10. The Hate Monger

Whom? Adolf Hitler is widely regarded as one the worst organisms in history. Responsible for millions of deaths in one of the worst genocides ever committed, he was a true villain. The kind of combination of stupid, evil, and trash facial hair that you'll only see once in a lifetime. But, since he was a very bad tactician (Russia in the winter, anyone?), he lost the war and shot himself as he cowered in a bunker.

In the Marvel universe, his genetic material was harvested and cloned, and he resurfaced as a supervillain known as the Hate Monger. The Hate Monger was able to inspire hate and bigotry in people with just a thought. He turned normal-looking people into racist monsters on impulse. Oh, and he wears a pointy hood, as if you didn’t already get the political commentary.

Why He’ll Never Appear: I just can’t see Marvel making “a clone of Hitler” the villain of their next blockbuster film. While there’s definitely room for a blistering criticism of the recent rise of Anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi ideology, handling this character poorly could be incredibly insensitive. It runs the risk of turning Hitler into a two-dimensional cartoon character, rather than the very real, irredeemable monster he was.

Plus, as much as dumb Internet losers like to call Marvel SJWs, they don’t have the guts for that kind of political commentary writ large.