Top 10 Worst MCU Costumes

The MCU has stretched on into the present, they have adapted many a classic character to the big and small screen. And they’ve worked hard to try and keep those costumes changing and adapting and bettering themselves. And for the most part, they’ve done that! The MCU is home to some of the best ever superhero costumes on screen. Of note are 99% of Iron Man armors, pretty much every Captain America uniform, the Civil War Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Black Panther costumes, and numerous others. Recently, I was up in Seattle at a museum exhibit where several of the Black Panther costumes were on display. The fibers and the patterns and the design work blew me away. These movies have works of art wrapped around every one of its actors. But not every costume is great, if we’re being honest. Some of them are bad. And the internet hates positivity. So I’ll dish in and talk bad costumes. Note: these are all personal preferences so if you like one of these outfits, I’m sorry we do not agree.


10. Iron Man

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Like I said, I adore pretty much all of the Iron Man suits made for the Marvel Movies, but the one used in Spider-Man: Homecoming is just not very good.

The MCU’s Iron Man costumes have always struggled to find the right balance of red and gold and this one opts to not even try. Instead, it pulls heavily from the original Ultimate Iron Man armor that debuted in The Ultimates. However, that armor had an angular visual design and a very unique helmet, with a design made for air resistance. Without said triangular helmet, the color balance feels off, resulting in a half finished look.

And the most stripped down Iron Man armor does not work with his roll in the film. Iron Man is who Peter wants to be, who he eventually realizes he can be better than by going his own way. And for that to work, Iron Man needs to look impressive and advanced. And he does not. He just looks boring.