Top 10 Teams of Young Heroes

With New Mutants coming out before too long, and Runaways reaching streaming even sooner, it’s time to talk about young hero teams. Because there are so many of them. And a lot of them are awesome. So, who are the best teams of superheroes whose members can’t yet legally rent a car?


10. Power Pack

(Marvel Comics)

The Power kids (Alex, Julie, Jack, and Katie) were normal children who had no superheroing potential, until they met a weird horse alien named Aelfyre Whitemane.

The horse alien was dying, so he gave his powers to the four kids. Katie Power, aka Energizer, gained the ability to blast so-called power balls out of her chest. There’s a confusing lottery joke in there somewhere. Julie, aka Lightspeed, gained flight and speed, and became a rainbow-colored human bullet.

Jack, aka Mass Master, gained the ability to change his own density to become a diffuse cloud or hard core of substance. And Alex, aka Zero-G, gained control over gravity. The team fought together, foremost as a family, but even more so as parts of the Marvel universe. Julie would fight alongside the Avengers Academy, and Alex had a long and illustrious career with the Future Foundation.

A great team and a better family.