Top 10 Superman Duplicates

Superman is one of the most important and groundbreaking fictional characters of all time, as well as the Superhero who created the very concept of comic book superheroes. So, in a way, all superheroes are Superman copies. But come on. When I say Superman duplicates, you know what I mean. A very specific power set. A cape. No mask. A big letter on his chest. There’s an archetype. So let’s look at that archetype, and more specifically, let's look at some of the best-ever characters to share that familiar mold.


10. The Sentry

(New Avengers/Mighty Avengers/Dark Avenger, Marvel Comics)

Look, this article is called Top 10 Superman Duplicates not Ten Superman Duplicates Who I Like.

The Sentry is one of Marvel’s foremost Super Dupes, a crazed drug addict turned into a deranged superpowered godlike figure. The Sentry did one cool thing, and that was to rip Carnage in half. But getting rid of a terrible character doesn’t make you any better yourself. The Sentry went from being That Guy the New Avengers had to Babysit to being That Guy Who Joined The Mighty Avengers Because Why Move to being That Guy Who was on The Dark Avengers Because He was a Huge Jerk.

Sentry always just sides with whoever’s in authority. He’s like a parody of the Reaganite Superman in Dark Knight Returns. Just a big tool, who punches for whoever is the establishment at the moment.

Or he was, he ripped Ares in half during Siege (real one trick pony there, Bob) and Thor beat him to death.