Top 10 Stories From The Comic That Inspired 'Gotham'

For those who don’t know, “Gotham” is super duper loosely based on one of the most critically acclaimed DC Comics of the last fifteen years. But whereas Gotham takes place pre-Batman in a fairly grounded reality, Gotham Central takes place well after the dark knight has risen to prominence. By the time Gotham Central starts up, Commissioner Gordon is taking time off after an assassination attempt and Harvey Bullock has been kicked off the force for his conduct. But as for the other detectives in Gotham’s Major Crimes Unit and the villains that stalk the streets, life goes on. Here are my ten favorite stories from the near-perfect series.


10. "In The Line Of Duty" (Issues 1-2)

It says something about a series when the FIRST story makes the 'best of' list. “In The Line of Duty” introduces the detectives of the MCU (Major Crimes Unit) and sets up the world they live in. In the first few pages, Detectives Marcus Driver and Charlie Fields investigate an apartment on a routine search for a kidnapped girl. Unfortunately, they wind up blundering into Mr. Freeze’s lair and things go bad.

Gotham Central always did a pretty good job of showing that Batman’s gallery of supervillains, even the lesser ones, would absolutely destroy any poor officer of the law that would stumble into their path.  It really sets the tone for the rest of the series, from the relationship between the police and Batman to to lovable cast of characters. Also, holy hell does this end with one of the best moments of the series between Driver and Batman. Like, note-perfect.