Top 10 Spookiest Comic Book Ghosts

OOOoooOOoooooOOOoOooh!!!!!!!!! G-g-g-ghosts! Yep, it’s time to talk about ghosts! Look, I planned this list out back in October but there are exactly TWO months where talkin’ ‘bout ghosts is cool. Number one is October, but number two is December. Because Christmas Ghosts are totally a thing! Usually they’re of the past, present, or future, but whatever. It’s time for Christmas ghosts, so pull your sheets over your head and settle in for the night, because it’s about to get super spooky in here.


10. Casper

Look, you should be ashamed of yourself if you didn’t see this entry coming. Come on!

No, he didn’t first appear in comics, but he’s had a long and powerful history in comics, as well. Casper first appeared in a children’s book by Seymour Reit and Joe Oriolo before he was transferred to animation in 1945. In 1952, he began appearing in a Harvey Comics series, which was so popular that Harvey bought the rights to Casper outright seven years later. From that point on, Casper was a dual feature in comics and cartoons and even a film or two. These non-comics things aren’t the best-est, but the comics are fun.

Seriously, though, Casper’s Haunted Christmas is terrible. But his comic book career has been long lasting and incredibly successful. He’s easily the most profitable comic book ghost.

And he's totally the ghost of Richie Rich. I’m fully copping to believing that fan theory.