Top 10 Evil Batmen


7. Owlman

Earth-3 is one of those old school comic book concepts that we didn’t see very often for a long while.

And I was sad about that. I love the Crime Syndicate, and I especially love Owlman. Earth 3 is a world where all morality is reversed. So the world’s greatest villains were actually that earth’s version of the Justice League of America.

And they all hate each other. Seriously, half of all Crime Syndicate stories are just them screwing each other over in complicated power grabs. Owlman is their version of our Dark Knight. His true identity varies, but the one I’m most familiar with was Thomas Wayne Jr., Bruce’s brother who was the only one to survive the shooting of the Waynes.

Thomas Jr. committed his life to crime and became the Owlman, the grim avenger of the night, but with crimes. He’s incredibly smart, but super underhanded, violent, and smug. Oh so smug.