Top 10 Evil Batmen


8. Batzarro

Batzarro is underrated as heck.

Bizarro is a kind of hit or miss character. Some people love him, some people hate him. I’m somewhere down the middle, personally. But oddly enough I really appreciate Batzarro as a character.

Wayne Bruce, AKA Batzarro has a phenomenal costume. The no eyes “blind as a bat” thing is pretty fun but the upside down empty utility belt is a billion times better. Batzarro was created by the Joker alongside the 3rd Bizarro # 1 (it’s confusing). Batzarro tried his best but was so bad at it he technically counts as evil I guess.

He gave his life jumping in front of a bullet shot at Batman by The Joker but was placed into the Phantom Zone and seemed to have healed, fighting crime alongside Bizarro, which basically just means committing crimes.