Top 10 DC Rebirth Books

We are well over a year out from DC Rebirth now, folks, so it’s time to look back and see what worked best. Which books are the ones to buy, the ones that stand out from the herd? Which ones rock so hard, they’re impossible to put down? Let’s take a look and find out.


10. Green Arrow

If DC Rebirth got one thing 100 percent right, it was giving Oliver Queen his goshdarn facial hair back.

I don’t want to see no baby-faced Green Arrow! That man has one carefully groomed, secret-identity-risking goatee, and I want to see it. More importantly, however, we got a another killer Green Arrow book.

The New 52 actually achieved this for a bit during Jeff Lemire’s run, but Rebirth has kept it consistent. The most recent story was Hard Traveling Hero, a truly phenomenal series of team-ups as Ollie travels the country in alliance with the Justice League. Each issue spotlighted a different artist, which led to some amazing one-offs.

Stephen Byrne needs to draw a Flash comic tomorrow. Dude was born to do it. The fact that he hasn’t yet is a crime against me. Oh, and that Juan Ferreyra Superman ain’t too shabby either. And by “not too shabby” I mean, “If I could find a way to eat these gorgeous drawings with my eyes, I would have done it by now."