Top 10 Aquaman Adversaries

Everyone rags on Aquaman all the time, and I gotta be honest, it feels undeserved. He’s the lord of all the oceans and a member of the Justice League. But maybe people just don’t like him because he doesn’t have memorable or fan-favorite villains. But what does he have? Well, here we go on that front!


10. The Awesome Threesome


Man, I didn’t want to just mock Aquaman villains, but that sure is a name for a group.

The Awesome Threesome was actually created for the classic Filmation cartoon that defined how my brain pictures Aquaman. Just a-ridin’ that seahorse. Like Harley Quinn, they were eventually shifted into the comics. But instead of being a lady, they're a suggestively named team of robots that includes Torpedo Man, who turns into a torpedo; Claw, who has claws; and Magneto, who's a mutant who fought the X-Men...I mean, a robot with magnetic powers.

Yeah, maybe there’s a copyright reason we haven’t seen the Awesome Threesome recently. Also a standards-and-practices reason, but that’s a different kettle of fish.

Why they aren't they more popular: Look, the name is a real deal-breaker. These guys aren't coming back, unless Grant Morrison has an especially weird day at the keyboard.