Top 10 Anti-Heroes in Comics

Anti-Heroes. They’re cool, and people seem to like them, but they are by no means meant to be idolized. That’s what makes them “anti”. You’re free to like watching Henry Hill or Walter White or Rick Sanchez as much as you like, but you definitely shouldn’t want to be anything like them in real life. And if you meet anybody who models themselves after anyone on this list, holy crap, run the other way as fast as possible.


10. Redmond (Conrad Paulson)

(Thief of Thieves, Image Comics)

I really like heist stories. Professional thieves getting one over on the world is kind of a favorite story-type for me. And so, when Thief of Thieves came around, I was more than excited for it.

Conrad Paulson was master thief Redmond, a criminal who avoided capture time and time again without incident. Until one day he gave it all up. Just walked away. And after that, he tried to keep his nose out of the business of crime.

But what could drag him back in? What could cause the best criminal of all time to relapse? His greed? His hubris? His family?

Thief of Thieves is damn good, owing mostly to the creative team. Robert Kirkman co-wrote the first three arcs with all-time great writers that included Nick Spencer, James Asmus, and Andy Diggle. Then he handed the book off to Diggle as sole writer.

On the other hand, artist Shawn Martinbrough has remained consistent. And consistently amazing.