Thor: Ragnarok’s Easter-Eggs and References

Thor: Ragnarok might not be on the same level as other Marvel releases, but it ranks among the most fun offerings in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and audiences connected with it. Also, Thor: Ragnarok made $121 million during its US debut weekend, raising its worldwide box office take to $427 million.

Thor: Ragnarok is quite an achievement for Taika Waititi, who made his blockbuster debut with this movie (he's otherwise known for making low-budget films). Ragnarok is filled with action, humor, and dramatic moments (which, arguably, don’t always fall flat). But most importantly, it's an MCU story.

There are tons of Easter-Eggs and references to comic book, the larger shared universe, and other movies.

If you've seen Thor: Ragnarok check it out. And, if we've missed anything, do let us know!