Thor: Ragnarok – Taika Waititi Teases Epic Thor vs. Hulk

This year’s Thor: Ragnarok has quite a few things riding on it. First and foremost, it's the final part of a solo trilogy that's regarded as the weakest in the MCU. Then it has to team up Thor and Hulk in a satisfying and fresh way, since we've seen these two superheroes fight each other before. And then, it has to adapt multiple comic book storylines (including Planet Hulk), introduce a multitude of characters (including Hela, Surtur, and the Grandmaster), and then some.

We've learned from the marketing campaign that the crew had a blast while shooting the film. And this is a good sign for Thor: Ragnarok, given the way the previous two movies were advertised. We even caught a glimpse of how Taika Waititi has managed things since Civil War arrived, with the awesome Thor on Vacation teaser trailer.

Promo art for Thor: Ragnarok (CBM) Promo art for Thor: Ragnarok (CBM)

So things are looking pretty good, even though we still haven’t seen a single clip from the movie (we have seen some awesome artwork with Hela, or teasing a gladiator Hulk and an unworthy Thor). Speaking about this, Taika Waititi said that he wanted to give the superhero fights a classic feel, and show that they're dealing with their biggest test. At the same time, this classic feel the director is talking about also explains the many characters who will be introduced:

I like it when characters have to deal with their biggest test. It feels like a classic matchup where you go, "Who else can we put in this? Let’s put in the Hulk!" It’s like kids in the sand pit, throwing everything in (via CBM).

Sure, it feels a bit chaotic, but it could work – and Taika Waititi hasn’t disappointed as a director so far.

As far as the main antagonist is concerned, the director says that she can be scary and powerful, but also fun. Which sounds great yet again – especially if the rumors concerning Hela are true (and we do need another great MCU villain, besides Loki). Also, by the looks of it, as Thor and Hulk battle on Grandmaster’s planet, Hela and her legions will lay siege on Asgard (who is going to help Heimdall?)

Vacation (Slash Film) Vacation (Slash Film)

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on the 3rd of November.