Thor: Ragnarok – Skurge’s Pact with the Devil

Thor: Ragnarok may have the shortest runtime among all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies to date, and it will introduce a huge cast of characters, but it's still one of 2017's most anticipated releases. From what we’ve seen in the trailers, it will definitely be the best Thor flick to date. But is that enough to make it a great Marvel movie?

Although the clips released thus far have revealed several of the biggest players in Thor: Ragnarok, a few surprises still await, once of which has been spoiled by Karl Urban, who plays Skurge. So check it out, but remember that a spoiler is ahead!

Skurge and Hela (Marvel)

During an interview with Trek Movie (Urban portrayed Doctor "Bones" McCoy in the rebooted Star Trek movies), the actor revealed that Skurge is in charge of the Bifrost Bridge. However, he's forced to make a decision as Hela appears out of nowhere. And since he ends up fighting alongside her, we can guess what that decision was:

My character is operating the Bifrost device, and suddenly Cate Blanchett walks through the Bifrost, and I very astutely realize that I either join her or die. So my character is a survivalist. The journey of Scurge is really, "OK, now you made a pact with the devil, and it comes with a price." That price is constantly upped through the movie, and that is his journey.

But there are other reveals here. First, it's likely that Odin, who's really Loki in disguise, has banished Heimdall (after all, Heimdall would have seen through the disguise). Then, Hela seems to appear out of nowhere, which is another signal of Loki’s machinations (Loki used transportation methods other than the Bifrost Bridge in previous films).

Lastly, Karl Urban mentioned a price Skurge has to pay, but we don’t know what that price is. However, it's clear to us that Skurge isn’t too happy about serving Hela. Will he switch sides? Most likely.

Thor: Ragnarok (JoBlo)

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