Thor: Ragnarok – Hulk and Thor Go to War in First Promo Art!

Unexpectedly, this day has delivered quite a few interesting bits of information about upcoming comic book movies – James Gunn teased the next Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. II trailer,  and we have our first genuine - and quite spoilery - Spider-Man: Homecoming scene description. And now this: The God of Thunder and the Green Goliath going to war in the first Thor: Ragnarok promo art piece!

And it looks amazing! Some might say it's a bit too colorful, but we beg to differ – this is promo art at its best, teasing the fights on Grandmaster’s arena-planet! And since Taika Waititi is directing, what were people expecting? Something dark and gritty, as if the real Ragnarok were coming?

Promo art for Thor: Ragnarok (CBM) Promo art for Thor: Ragnarok (CBM)

Hulk looks as if he jumped straight out of the Planet Hulk comic books, which is a great thing! We still don’t know how he ends up on a different planet, but we can assume that Loki or Hela has something to do with it.

As far as Thor is concerned, he's unrecognizable – in a good way, of course. Mjolnir is nowhere to be seen, and Odin’s son now wields two swords. Given their design, we can bet that they aren’t just simple weapons and that they are imbued with magic as well.

More importantly, we don’t see his golden hair – he is now wearing his helmet, which has made many fans’ dreams become true. Of course, it's been redesigned – but it still looks awesome as hell! Can we assume that Hulk and Thor are making their escape from Grandmaster’s planet in this promo art? It sure appears so!

Thor: Ragnarok will be released on the 3rd of November 2017.

Logo (Screen Rant) Logo (Screen Rant)

It's a bit too early too talk about a first trailer. But, boy, do we wish we could see one right now!