The Secret History Behind EVERY Lego Batman Minifigure (Part 2)

Last week, I took a look at the most recent wave of Blind Bagged Lego Minifigs, and explained how each one was tied to a rich comic book history. Here's the other half of the wave, because this is a nice way for me to spend time not doing what I really want, which is to dart off to the store to buy all of them. Also, the money I make off this will fund my crippling Lego addiction. It’s a real problem.


11. Pink Power Batgirl

Last time, we talked about the history of Batman wearing pink, so now let’s get to his female cohort.

Babs actually doesn’t wear pink. Really, at all. She has always preferred purple. Buuuuuuut this one does have a history attached to it: The history of the terrible off-model Halloween costume! Because, oh, my God, those pink-skirted Batgirl costumes were everywhere.

I don’t get why they don’t just offer normal Batgirl costumes instead of the “sexy” ones. But it’s not just Babs who has had terrible costumes made based on her; so has Batman!! The earliest designers that I’ve found were fond of writing Batman’s name across his chest, like he’ll forget what it is. They also used masks that were of Batman’s whole face, which is terrifying on a child. Most of today's costumes are better, aside from a truly atrocious one of the Armored Batsuit from Batman v Superman. The greatest costume I’ve ever seen is Joker's from Suicide Squad.

God, they’ve only gotten worse.