The Russos Tease with New Infinity War Set Photo

At this point, Marvel could release a pic of an Infinity War actor’s empty chair, or something else as unrevealing, and it would still get the fans jumping. This was exactly what happened with the latest Avengers: Infinity War pic, which was posted via the Russos’ Twitter account.

It's one of the most uninteresting pics ever, if we may say so. However, it could also be quite revealing. Check it out below!


Many fans have joked that this pic tells us nothing at all. Others have added that the Russos could post a shot of a cheese grater and have fans wondering what it signifies (the hype is as real as it can get with Infinity War). But is that a cheese grater? Is it Thanos’ new throne? What is it?

Based on the horizontal bars, some suggest that Thanos is in the room from the credits scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron, in which he first wears the Infinity Gauntlet. This would mean that we'll learn how Thanos got his big hands on the Gauntlet in the first place.

To make things even more interesting, other fans speculate that this is a pic from Odin’s Vault, which implies that the Mad Titan will arrive in Asgard. Why? Well, we know that there are two Infinity Gauntlets in the MCU, but we also know that one of them is a decoy. And if this photo is indeed from Odin’s Vault, we know which of the Gauntlets is real.

What do you think?

Odin's Vault (Marvel Wikia)

Is this a cheese grater? Or does it actually reveal something about Infinity War?