The Punisher: More Cryptic Messages Surface Online

The Punisher will be 2017's final Marvel/Netflix TV series debut, and it's up to Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) to prove to fans that Netflix and Marvel can still do it. That's a tall order after The Defenders and Iron Fist proved to be disappointing (The Defenders was rather slow-moving, and it appears that nobody enjoyed Iron Fist).

After viewing the first teaser trailer for The Punisher, we felt that our expectations couldn't rise any higher, in spite of the fact that we know nothing about the first season's plot or even when the show will air. The marketing campaign manages to keep us guessing every time anything new is released.

The Punisher (CBM)

For example, they released a list of the episode titles for the first season in Morse code! After that, a CCTV screenshot was released on The Punisher’s Instagram account. According to that pic, no matches have been found.

Well, now we know what kind of matches were being sought! The same Instagram page displays new pics - and even small clips - that indicate that someone is keeping track of Castle’s whereabouts!


Welcome back, Frank.

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Another rather ominously teases the tragedy of Castle’s life:


Family is our strength and weakness.

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In this first clip, the camera lingers on family photos. The Punisher now has nothing to lose!


Nothing left to lose.

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Lastly, a longer clip reveals that everything will ultimately be illuminated.


Everything will come to light eventually.

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Who are those guys? Your guess is as good as ours, but we wouldn’t be surprised if the first season were to pit Castle against some of his former colleagues.

Can we expect a release date reveal and/or a first full trailer by the time New York Comic Con opens? It could happen!