The Punisher: Iconic Skull Jacket Revealed

While the second season of Daredevil wasn't as impressive as the first (although it was also a top-notch Marvel/Netflix collaboration), it did introduce Frank Castle into the MCU. Jon Bernthal was so great in the role that a Punisher solo series was announced almost as soon as audiences started raving about him.

Of course, the actor didn’t wear the iconic Punisher costume during Daredevil’s second season (sure, he popped up in it at the end, but that wasn’t enough). Fans can now rest assured that Frank Castle is back, and he looks as if he jumped straight out of the comics, especially since he'll be wearing his iconic skull jacket.

Unfortunately, the copyrighted pics can only be viewed here for the time being. But trust us, they are worth your while. You can also check out set photos. As you can see, almost all of them have one thing in common: a severely bruised Jon Bernthal.

The Punisher (Flickering Myth)

What do you think?

We know nothing about the first season's story line, but we can expect it to continue Frank Castle's tale from where it left off in Daredevil’s Season Two. We have high hopes for the series.

The Punisher will be released this year, after The Defenders. Production has ended for The Defenders, and a new poster has been released to commemorate the milestone (Who is that in the bottom right corner? Is it Colleen Wing or Elektra? We hope it's the latter.).


We believe it will blow us away!