The Punisher: First Look at Micro

We still don't have an official release date, but The Punisher is closing in. Over the last couple of weeks, we've seen a steady stream of news and promotional items, including a teaser, a number of official pics, and even a list of the titles of all of the first-season episodes. Based on fan reaction to these items, The Punisher is indeed one of 2017's most anticipated  TV shows.

Empire recently unveiled two new pics from the Netflix TV series. In addition, Jon Bernthal gave a couple of interviews, during which he revealed why Frank Castle takes no prisoners. It has something to do with the demons that haunt him. His demons are rooted in his memories, which include the tragic loss of his family, and the events of the time he spent serving his country (expect plenty of flashbacks when you see the show):

It's the only thing that silences the demons, temporarily. There's going to be an attempt to move beyond the Punisher, but that's something he can't shake. There's part of me that's hungry to get back into the darkness, that's excited to see it fall apart. And I'll go back to my long walks (via CBM).

Below is an official pic of Castle during his army days.

Frank Castle (CBM)

And we have two additional shots, the first of which is a BTS pic.

BTS pic (CBM)

The second pic offers us our first look at Castle with his old-friend Micro (Ebon Moss-Bachrach).

First look at Micro (CBM)

Micro (Marvel Wikia)

Again, we have yet to learn when The Punisher will be released, but rumor has it that it will happen in late fall 2017.