The Joker: First-Look Launched!

UPDATE:Jared Leto has shared a new photo of his bulked-up physique for the role of The Joker. We've also got a number of new photo of the actor with those green hair!

Meanwhile, Jack Nicholson, The Joker of 1989 Batman venture has come up with a video that expresses his reaction on Leto's first-look as The Joker. You can catch up all these updated stuff at the end part of this post.

A month and a twenty odd days ago, Jared Leto revealed his haircut for the role of The Joker in Suicide Squad, and now, we finally have the first official look of how the Clown Prince of Crime will exactly look in the 2016 venture! To celebrate the 75th birthday of the character, David Ayer, the director of Suicide Squad, has revealed the first official photo of Leto as The Joker.

As previous rumors suggested, Jared Leto has indeed come up with a very unique version of The Joker - very different from those of Nicholson and Ledger. Not only that, we haven’t seen such a representation of the character, not even in the comic books!

Check out the photo first and then have an in-depth look!

The Joker Official first-look at The Joker

His Face – Literally Says DAMAGED!

The Joker Leto's Joker looks very different from previous ones!

You must have noticed the tattoo on Leto’s forehead saying ‘Damaged’, and that’s what those teeth with some metal caps, those tiny markings on his face, those eyes and that laughter say.

We heard rumors that Suicide Squad would talk about a previous encounter of The Joker and Batman, and those teeth seem to suggest exactly the same – a punch from the Caped Crusader would be enough to do that! The ‘Damaged’ tattoo is doubtlessly an ironic statement made by the supervillain.

Unlike Heath Ledger’s version of The Joker, Leto’s doesn’t have scars along his lips, that face isn't painted and those hairs aren’t curly and long, rather short and green, much like Nicholson’s version. The face seems to promise more sickness in this version than the ones of Nicholson and Ledger.

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