The Best DCEU Rumors

Green Lantern Corps Will Feature Multiple Earth-Based Lanterns

Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics) Green Lantern Corps (DC Comics)

This is a rumor as old as the movie’s announcement – while Hal Jordan will be the main Green Lantern in the Green Lantern Corps movie, two other human Lanterns, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner, will join him.

According to this rumor, Hal Jordan will be in his late 40’s (Matt Damon's name was mentioned rather than a specific age – guess why, if you want to), further distancing the Green Lantern Corps flick from the Ryan Reynolds movie. We can also assume that Hal Jordan will be at the end of his career as a Lantern, and will most likely be replaced by Guy Gardner in the sequels.

Of course, this is just a rumor, like any other on this list. And it may not make sense – if there are so many Earth-based Lanterns, how come nobody knows of their existence? Why didn’t these Lanterns come to aid Superman back when Zod wanted to kill the entire human population in order to make a new Krypton? And there are quite a few questions to follow.

If the rumor turns out to be true, I hope these questions are addressed.