The Best DCEU Rumors

Special Mention: HBO TV Shows

Watchmen (BBC) Watchmen (BBC)

The collaborations between Marvel and Netflix proved that the small screen can be a great medium for comic book adaptations. And that's because these shows don’t have to subscribe to the same rules that apply to the PG-13 movies. Furthermore, the 13-episode format allows for the creation of more compelling characters – most importantly, I'm talking about the villains.

Back in 2015, there were talks between HBO and Zack Snyder about developing a Watchmen series. Since then, nothing has happened – and we've heard nothing. However, given the fact that HBO, Warner Bros., and DC Entertainment share the same corporate umbrella, I think this series will happen sooner rather than later (and, hopefully by then, Zack Snyder will have left the DCEU).

So, as a matter of fact, this is no rumor at all. And I can’t wait to see darker DC superheroes coming to life on the same network that gave us Game of Thrones, Westworld, Sopranos, Wire, Oz, and so many others.