The 10 Most Important Comic Book Movies

Many people have their own opinions on their favorite comic book movie. Many people will argue tooth and nail for what is the BEST comic book movie, even though the answer is OBVIOUSLY The Rocketeer. But we aren’t ranking things by best or favorite today, but by most important. What were the most impactful, influential, important comic book movies of all time?

Note: we are talking about this on a grand scale, and since we’re measuring influence, don’t expect anything from the last four years to make this list. Deadpool or Guardians of the Galaxy might very well change the entire comic book movie landscape, but it’s far too early to tell. Oh, by the way, totally was not kidding about The Rocketeer. The Rocketeer is rad.


10. Blade

An entry you probably didn’t expect, but really should have.

Blade is crazy important to comic book films as a whole and to superhero movies specifically. At the time of its release, we were at a lull in comic book centric properties being filmed. Which was crazy, because this was around the same point that decent looking CGI had made some of the crazier visuals possible for the first time.

And with Blade, people realized that fact. The film wasn’t really a superhero movie, but it proved that movies based on Marvel comics properties could definitely work and be successful. In the wake of that success, films like Spider-Man and the first X-Men film went into production.

This kick-started the first superhero movie boom of the 21st century. Which in turn lead to the second big boom and the birth of the MCU. A good movie with a tremendous impact.