Taylor Swift Wore Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool Costume on Halloween

Taylor Swift made excellent use of her celebrity connections this weekend when she managed to get her hands on Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool suit for her Halloween celebrations.

Swift showed off her costume in some Instagram photos that were uploaded yesterday. One featured her and six friends posing on a couch, with a caption that described all of their costumes:


And another, of Swift and Gigi Hadid, confirmed that her Deadpool suit was the Deadpool suit. Her caption thanked Reynolds personally, calling him "the best Deadpool inside contact ever". Take a look at the photo below:


Are any of us really surprised that Reynolds held on to the costume, instead of trusting the studio with it, before filming begins on the second Deadpool film? And apparently he's willing to lend it out to certain lucky friends of his.

Who knew Swift was a Marvel fan?