Superman Storylines for Man of Steel 2

So Warner Bros. has finally decided that Superman needs another solo movie in the DCEU. After scrapping the initial plans for a Man of Steel trilogy in order to make Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the studio must have realized that the core characters of the DCEU need to be presented in full before moving forward.

That's a great thing, as far as I am concerned. And that is because, in this way, the event films (such as Justice League) won’t have to spend time with backstories for their characters. Furthermore, this is also a chance for the studio to transform the Man of Steel into an actual symbol of fate.

Will that happen? Least likely at this point, and seeing where the DCEU is now. So what course will the studio decide on? What stories should be taken into account for Man of Steel 2, while also considering how everything has unfolded until now?

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