Supergirl – A New Trailer

Scheduled to debut in October, Supergirl will see the 24 years old Kara Zor-El put on the mantle and fight all sorts of evils of the world. Sent away by her Kryptonian parents while she was 13 years old, she will be learning in this new series what makes a superhero.

After hiding her powers (as being taught by her adoptive family), she will have to discover her secret abilities once again. CBS has just released a new trailer for Supergirl. Watch it below!

Supergirl – a new trailer

Cool women don't look back at explosions Cool women don't look back at explosions

Lasting around 2 minutes, this Supergirl trailer is considerably shorter than the first look we’ve got a while ago. So don’t expect any new footage whatsoever, but a different cut, focusing especially on Kara’s secret identity. Check it out below!

As said, there is no new footage. But it sure looks as being something different from the other series on the TV right now. As the producers have said, a great deal of the budget will go on the special effects of the series.

And this is a good thing, because the visuals have a great impact on the viewer – not as great as the story itself, but still.