Suicide Squad Trailer Song – The Unsung Beauty!

Lyrics Of Suicide Squad Trailer Song!

Comic Con Footage Suicide Squad

I started a joke, which started the whole world crying,
But I didn't see that the joke was on me.

I started to cry, which started the whole world laughing,
If I'd only seen that the joke was on me.

These are the lines that you get to listen with a female voice (the singer still unidentified) singing them in the background of the Suicide Squad trailer in between the various dialogues used in it. The first of the four lines becomes audible with the end of the treacherous conversation among Amanda Waller and a couple of military officials – with Harley Quinn asserting her arrival to the world of cinema with the creepiest acrobatics show of the world!

The last of the four lines is sang with the entire Suicide Squad advancing with their gloomy faces – in between the scenes where The Joker says, “I’m not gonna to kill you” and “I’m just gonna hurt you, really, really bad”!

The best thing about the song is that it tends to express the situations of the Suicide Squad team members – tends to demand a sympathetic outlook for these villains. The word JOKE in the song is enough to relate it with The Joker – even though his appearance doesn’t beg for any sympathy! And I have a feeling that these lyrics might also relate to Amanda Waller at the end of the movie because she is definitely found starting a JOKE in the trailer – who knows!

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