Stranger Things Star Debunks The Eternals Casting Rumor!

Nope, Stranger Things
star Millie Bobby Brown has not been
cast in Marvel’s The Eternals.

We recently came across a rumor that Millie Bobby Brown,
along with a bunch of other actors and actresses, has joined The Eternals. But
the 15-year-old actress herself has denied any involvement with the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe entry. She
even doesn’t who these superheroes are!

FabTV recently caught up with Brown at the red carpet for the
world premiere of Godzilla: King of the
. When the rumor about her casting in The Eternals was brought up,
she responded, “What is that?” The
interviewer was then trying to explain that to her, but the English actress couldn’t
help but cut in, “Oh no, that’s a waste
of time. I would really tell you straight up if I was, but no.

You can check out the interview clip below!

The rumor about Brown’s casting in the Chloe Zhao flick seemingly originated from a 4chan message board.
The post also suggested that Keanu Reeves,
Charlie Hunnam, Luke Evans, Shawnee Smith,
Michael Obiora, and Matthew Rhys also have roles. But now,
it feels safe to assume that none of that is true.

But of course, we can rely on the reports about Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani, and Richard Madden joining the movie. Although Marvel Studios hasn’t confirmed anything concerning the project, those casting reports came from some of the major Hollywood trades that are on the money more often than not.

The Eternals doesn’t have an official release date yet, but
that is expected to be revealed a couple of months later at San Diego Comic-Con
International 2019. Zhao will get the cameras rolling this fall in Atlanta as
she calls the shots based on a script penned by Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

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