Steppenwolf’s Home on Earth Revealed!

Justice League made around $13 million in the US last Thursday, so the predictions of a $115 million debut weekend stateside might turn out to be true. The movie opened on the same day in most markets, so a $325 million opening weekend really isn't out of reach.

The movie is rumored to have cost over $400 million, including marketing costs, so it will need strong legs at the box office to turn a profit. Fortunately for Warner Bros., with the exception of Pixar’s Coco (November 22), the movie apparently has no serious contenders until Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives on December 15.

Production designer Patrick Tatopoulos revealed the following interesting - but spoilery - detail about Steppenwolf’s base of operations on Earth:

Wonder Woman (Warner Bros.)

Based on the trailers and pics released to date, we knew that Steppenwolf would settle in Chernobyl when he arrives on Earth. So that's not a major revelation. But Tatopoulos said that the big twist is that Steppenwolf will do more than just settle there. As Zod did in Man of Steel, he'll use his powers and technology to transform Chernobyl into Apokolips.

Tatopoulos added that the alien tech begins to consume Earth like a cancer:

Ultimately, the most fun I have in films is when I can create a world from scratch - like the Parademons' world. The Parademons and Steppenwolf are based in this abandoned nuclear plant in Russia. Once Steppenwolf unleashes his alien tech, it begins to transform into his world, like a cancer living in this abandoned power plant (via CBM).

We found it a bit weird that Warner Bros. re-used a trick from Man of Steel in Justice League. But it may tie in with Justice League rumors about Darkseid banishing Steppenwolf from Apokolips thousands of years prior, after he failed in his effort to conquer Earth.

Darkseid (Looper)

That means that Steppenwolf will transform Earth, simply because he's homesick.