Spider-Man: Homecoming – More Details Revealed

While Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2 is the next movie to be released in the shared universe, the fans are also anticipating the debut of Spider-Man's first solo MCU flick. Ever since Marvel proved they knew how to do superhero flicks with Iron Man, they've wanted to see the web-crawler join the Avengers (and it's been revealed that Peter Parker will be a part of the team in both Infinity War and Avengers 4).

During the journalists’ set visit, producer Eric Carroll talked about supporting characters, timeline, and quite a few other topics. So check it out (via Screen Rant):

Ned and Peter (Marvel)

  • Ned (Jacob Batalon) isn’t necessarily Ned Leeds from the comics, but rather an amalgamation of characters (Carroll also said that Leeds isn't mentioned in the script).

  • Zendaya is definitely playing Michelle (so nothing was confirmed about Mary Jane Watson). Carroll also didn’t want to say what role Logan Marshall-Green is playing (although we assume that he’ll become the second Shocker of the film). The same can be said about Donald Glover’s character (rumors say that his character is related to Miles Morales).

  • As far as the timeline is concerned, Spider-Man: Homecoming takes place a couple of months after the Civil War, because the MCU version of Peter Parker is at the beginning of his sophomore year (at this point, it’s all about originality and how this version differentiates itself from the Sony versions).

  • Vulture is the first supervillain Spider-Man encounters. Carroll said that Adrian Toomes is just trying to take care of his family (we'll meet them) without hurting anybody else. However, when Tony Stark intervenes, he does whatever it takes to protect his family. He knows that he's shady, but at least he didn’t hurt anybody.

  • The film will reference Peter Parker’s origin (although it isn’t said whether there’ll be flashbacks).

Michelle (Marvel)

Spider-Man: Homecoming will be released on the 7th of July.