Spawn: Todd McFarlane Reveals Finished Script

Spawn was one of the most popular superheroes/antiheroes of the ‘90s. In 1997, he had a shot at becoming a movie franchise, with Michael Jai White as the cursed main character. With actors like Martin Sheen and John Leguizamo in supporting roles, the movie was sure to be a hit.

However, a poorly written script, horrible special effects, and a PG-13 rating brought the movie down. It doubled its budget worldwide, but the critics trashed it. Although plans were in place for a sequel, it never came to be.

Todd McFarlane, Spawn's creator, is now teasing a movie reboot. In 2015, he teased the fans with a big screen movie adaptation, and came back in 2016 with the news that the script was finished. And in 2017, he said that the reboot would be as dark and as gritty as possible.

The Violator (Spawn Wiki)

Most recently, McFarlane posted a new clip on his YouTube account. In it, he said that the script had been trimmed from 180 to 136 pages, because no studio will work with a script of that length.

McFarlane added that this was only a first step. The next step is to find a studio that will buy the script, but that should be easy, since he also stated that at least 14 people had already contacted him.

Hopefully, a studio will grab the script as soon as possible. McFarlane said that he hoped to make an official announcement before this year’s San Diego ComicCon.

Spawn (Comic Vine)

We’re keeping our fingers crossed!