Sony, Its 900 Marvel Characters, and the Plans for a Shared Universe

After the deal with Marvel, Sony tried to quickly find another way to start a shared universe. The studio thought that Valiant and Bloodshot are the way to go. However, things don’t look so good from this point of view.

Even if Bloodshot has started shooting (after many delays), news got out that Michael Sheen has exited his role. In this way, Sony has to quickly find someone else. While Guy Pearce is in talks, the fact that the movie lost one of its major stars doesn’t bode well.

Venom (IMDB)

So now Sony intends to build its own Marvel universe, using what character it owns. And, surprisingly, there are quite a few of them.

Thus, even if it won’t use Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters (the official title of the shared universe) can be populated with over 900 Marvel heroes and villains.

So it shouldn’t surprise anybody to hear that so many movies are in the works. Venom will be released this year. Morbius has already found a lead. Kraven the Hunter will follow, most likely with Mysterio being another villain announced to receive a solo flick.

Silk, Jacpot, and Nightwatch are also characters for which the studio is developing movies.

Kraven the Hunter (Marvel Wikia)

As far as Silver and Black is concerned, it appears that the movie won’t happen any longer. And that even if it found a director and it already had a writter script.

According to Variety, director Gyna Prince-Bythewood will remain involved as a producer in the two movies in which Silver and Black has been split.

In other words, Sony will develop solo movies for both Black Cat and Silver Sable.

So there are big plans for this shared universe. Surprisingly, these plans also seem to include crosover events with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Of course, only if Disney agrees.

Morbius the Living Vampire (Comic Vine)

But then again, as Variety reports, it all depends on how Venom will perform at the box office and with the critics.

So what do you think? Are there any chances for Sony’s Universe of Marvel Characters to compete with the already existing shared universes?