Snyder’s Designs for Ares, Steppenwolf, and the Parademons

Descriptions of deleted Justice League scenes made their way online shortly after the movie's debut. Cutting a few scenes may not have had an earth-shattering impact, but the absence of some of them demonstrated how important even the smallest detail can be.

The ancient battle between Steppenwolf and his Parademons and the alliance of Man, Amazons, and Atlanteans was one of the most highly anticipated scenes in Justice League. The buzz surrounding this particular scene was incredible, so fans were understandably disappointed when they finally saw the movie.

Amazons (Warner Bros.)

While it was still an awesome piece, it was obvious that Diana Prince’s voice-over didn’t play a significant role in the final cut. In addition, it appeared that the scene had been shortened. Now we know why we felt this way.

Zeus, Ares, the Green Lantern, Hippolyta, and Antiope actually had lines during that battle scene, presumably to offer a bit of backstory. Not only was the dialogue deleted, a number of interesting details were altered.

Ares stuntman Nick McKinless gave us a look at Zack Snyder’s design and appearance. His resemblance to David Thewlis came about through the use of CGI, but don’t worry if you didn’t catch it, because not many people did.


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Steppenwolf, the powerful supervillain who prompted the League to unite, was supposed to be more fleshed-out. Check out more here. What's new is a particular detail about his weapon of choice, which actor Ciaran Hinds calls the Electro Axe:

Steppenwolf’s real powers are wielded through this extraordinary weapon he has, the Electro Axe, which is almost like a part of him. It creates mayhem and decimates everything around it. Even when it’s at rest, it looks threatening (via Screen Rant).

Zeus and Ares had lines in the original cut. (Warner Bros.)

Again, none of this is seen in the theatrical cut.

Lastly, Snyder’s original vision for the Parademons was also altered. According to production designer Patrick Tatopoulos, the initial objective was for the audiences to distinguish between the different types of Parademons based on their glowing eyes. This detail did make it into the film, but it's obvious that more thought was originally put into the creation of these nameless soldiers than we actually saw on the screen:

They’re clearly a different species. And they’re not just black or gray. It was important to us that even the evil characters retain their colors. They are not just the stereotypical dark things, but something else, something more interesting (via Screen Rant).

Check out the designs here, along with additional behind-the-scenes details, including the Electro Axe!